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Our chef de cuisine: The heart and soul of our kitchen

The creative genius of Bonfanti’s good taste

Dishes with innovative shapes, with irresistible mouth-watering aromas and intense flavours that will enchant you. But who is behind it? Who is the creator of these authentic works of art? Today we introduce you to our chef de cuisine, Maurizio Lauriola –a man who keeps his promise! Like no other, he knows how to blend the fresh regional ingredients so harmoniously. When Maurizio starts to work at the stove, the kitchen is flooded with intoxicating scents and irresistible colours: a true delight for the senses! The culinary creations at Bonfanti taste fresh, imaginative, homely, and absolutely exclusive! Assist in our show cooking, experience the passion, art, and quality of our dishes with your own eyes and let our chef’s culinary skills seduce you: If there is a master who knows how to make your mouth water, it is him! Enjoy a true master of taste and discover our gastronomic universe with its incomparable dishes.