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A carefree holiday...

... to relax in complete safety!

You can be sure of one thing: At the Bonfanti Design Hotel in the idyllic valley of Val Pusteria/Pustertal you find not only an oasis of pure relaxation, but also an inviting, exclusive, and safe space! Cleanliness and safety have always been top priorities in our hotel, and now our daily life is based more than ever on these two pillars. We and our experienced team are personally committed to ensuring that you can enjoy a carefree holiday. Fortunately, our privileged location helps us: surrounded by unlimited nature, it is easier to find a quiet corner all to yourself and enjoy it without any worries.

Your trust in return for a safe holiday. Deal!

General safety measures:

  • Access to the entire hotel complex is reserved to hotel guests and clients only.
  • When entering the hotel, the bodytemperature is measured withthermal imaging cameras.
  • The use of masks (nose/mouth protection) is mandatory for all guests (from 6 years) and in all indoor and outdoor common areas.
  • During working hours, our employees always wear protective masks, including disposable gloves, and will receive ongoing training on preventive measures.
  • Over 60 hand disinfection dispensers (Hygan brand) are available throughout all areas of the hotel.
  • The hotel provides guests with protective masks and disposable gloves.
  • Special ventilation systems are used for the constant ventilation of all rooms with fresh outside air.

Common areas:

  • Every single day, all common areas are sanitised, disinfected, and ozonised
  • Microbiological tests are carried out with particular attention to critical contact points such as handrails, lift buttons, door handles, etc.


  • Before each arrival, our rooms are ozonised and thoroughly disinfected.
  • The daily cleaning of the rooms is carried out according to the current hygiene measures and the bed linen is washed and disinfected by external laundry professionals.
  • The cleaningstaff wear protective masks and gloves and use new cleaning tools for each room.
  • All rooms are equipped with disinfectant dispensers and are ventilated with a special ventilation system to prevent air recirculation.

Children’s area:

  • Before each arrival, our rooms are disinfected and ventilated with an ionisation filter that eliminates bacteria.
  • The playing equipment and utensils are sanitised and disinfected with "PlayWash".
  • The childcare staff respect safety distances and wear protective masks and disposable gloves whenever necessary.

Wellness area, pools, saunas, and beauty & fitness

  • The use of protective masks is not obligatory at your lounger and in your room.
  • Please keep a safety distance of 1 metre to other guests when indoors and outdoors, while swimming and being active. Please keep 2 metres of distance in the sauna cabins.
  • The water in our swimming pools is treated, monitored, and filtered with a UVC filters that eliminates bacteria.
  • Before entering the gym and the beauty centre, a body temperature check is mandatory.
  • Please disinfect your hands and fitness equipment at all times.
  • The loungers and fitness equipment guarantee a minimum distance of 1 metre.
  • Beauty area staff wear protective masks and gloves whenever required.

Cuisine, restaurant, and bar:

  • It is not compulsory to use protective masks at your own table, inside your room, at the bar counter, and on the smoker’s terrace, if the minimum distance of 1 metre is respected.
  • Hand disinfection is compulsory before entering the buffet area with glass protection.
  • Consumption at the bar is possible within the prescribed safety distance.
  • Our staff wear protective masks and disposable gloves during the preparation of the dishes, as well as visors when serving them.
  • All food products are stored, processed, and prepared in accordance with HACCP guidelines.
  • During show cooking, the food is handled with utmost hygiene and the processing tools are constantly replaced.
  • For washing and disinfecting tablecloths, we rely on the external professionals of the “La Moderna”laundry service.