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Our massages: The key to well-being

Is there anything better than a soothing massage to release muscle tension and rediscover the incomparable feeling of relaxation? At the Bonfanti Design Hotel, we look after you from A to Z: let the expert hands of our team of masseurs pamper you and discover the healing power for body and soul that only a professional massage can give.  Come and try out our exclusive selection of luxury treatments: Balsam for body, mind and soul.

Treatments and massages at Bonfanti

Below is the Bonfanti massage catalogue designed to meet the needs of every guest. Thanks to our experienced and qualified staff you will always be accompanied in the choice that best suits your needs. Have a look!

Bonfanti massages (50 minutes)

Classic massage

Soft, light and smooth touch. It works on your skin and on the underlying tissues stimulating the circulation of the body fluids and making your skin tissue elastic and soft.


Anti-stress massage
63,00 €

Perfect for a deep relaxation. Slow and fluid movements that will work on your nervous system. Relaxes your mind bringing quiet to the whole body.


Combined massage

The desire of being massaged in different parts of your body will be fulfilled:
Back massage + foot reflexology
Leg massage + head and neck massage
Hands massage + foot reflexology


Decontracting massage

Works on muscles and contracted areas. Stimulates your blood circulation giving energy to the whole body, prevents from inflammations and gives a wellness feeling.


Aromatic oils massage

The oil fragrances penetrate into you skin giving you the quiet you deserve. Your mostly liked fragrance will give you a complete mental relaxation.


Honey oil massage

The inflammations of muscles innervations are often the cause of our pains. The touch used in this massage deeply vehicles the honey extracts relieving the pain feeling.


Anti-cellulite massage

A deep and strong touch. Dissolves the adipose accumulations, drains fluid retention, helps blood circulation strengthening your defence system, relaxes the tissues improving imperfections.


Anti-cellulite massage with honey oil

A deep and strong touch. The honey extracts guarantee great skin nourishment improving cellulite imperfections.


Lymphatic drainage

A soft, rhythmic and harmonious touch that drains the fluids towards the lymph glands. Purifies and improves your body fluids activity stimulating your defence system.


Hot Stone Massage

A massage with hot lava stones taken from the oriental philosophy, the warmth release will relax your body and mind.

Bonfanti special massages (50 minutes)

Dorsalis massage

Back massage with natural active ingredients, highly effective. A soft cup massage will facilitate the tissue separation and oxygenate the subcutaneous microcirculation.


Tibetan bells
€70 .00

A millennial vibrational concept that gently touches the depth of our being. It stimulates and awakens the cellular activity, the defence system and our soul.

Bonfanti massages (40 minutes)

Sports massage

Perfect for mountain sports lovers. An activator massage for back and legs that will release the tension caused by sport fatigue and will tone your muscles up.


Foot reflexology

An attentive handling of plantar reflexes that will improve your psychophysical state. It removes stagnations and congestions by awakening and stimulating fluids and energy all over your body.


Feet peeling with moisturising pack and massage

Relaxing feet treatment with utmost hydration. Your feet will feel soft and velvety, great muscle relaxation for the soles of your feet.

Bonfanti partial body massages (25 minutes)

Cervical & back

Muscles deconstructing massage that relieves and releases your joints. Perfect if you accumulated stress and nervous tension. Restores lightness.

Ayurveda at Bonfanti

Ayurveda, a Sanskrit term for "the science of life" or "the wisdom of life". An ancient philosophy based on a profound knowledge and understanding of the eternal truths concerning body, mind, and spirit. It is the oldest known and most comprehensive holistic care system, where the approach to health and life has a logical foundation, based on common sense, combined with millennial philosophical concepts, embedded in psychology and spiritual guidance.



50 min./€70.00

A massage using various techniques, to be applied according to the careful observation of the type of constitution (dosha), to improve the psychophysical balance of the person.



50 min./€80.00

An acupressure massage that strengthens the body and stimulated to release vital energy (prana) throughout the body.

It stimulates the immune system, fights pain and disease, leaving the body with a feeling of well-being and lightness. 



50 min./€80.00

Stimulates and promotes the flow of lymphatic fluid (neer), loaded with toxins, towards the lymphatic ganglia, strengthening the immune system.



45 min./€65.00

Ayurvedic foot reflexology



50 min./€80.00

A soft massage with wonderfully warm Ayurvedic herbal stamps to remove body congestion.



25 min./€43.00

A light massage, with wonderfully warm Ayurvedic herbal stamps to remove body congestion. Relieves cervical pains, improves neck and shoulder mobility.



25 min./€43.00

Ayurvedic facial massage



25 min./€43.00

Spine and neck massage

Energizing Oxygen Treatment Packages

1 treatment of 1x85 min./€130,00  

2 treatments of 2x85 min./€247.00  

3 treatments of 3x85 min./€351.00  

4 treatments of 4x85 min./€442.00  

5 treatments of 5x85 min./€552.00  

Ayurveda Packages


1-2 days/€160.00

1 Abyangam/50 min.

1 Pada Abyangam/45 min.

1 Othadam cervical & back/25 min.



3-4 days/€296.00

2 Abyangam 2x/50 min.

1 Othadam/50 min.

1 Pada Abyangam/45 min.

1 Muha Abyangam/25 min.



5 or more days/€431.00

3 Abyangam 3x/50 min.

1 Othadam/50 min.

1 Marma Abyangam/50 min.

1 Pada Abyangam/45 min.

1 Muha Abyangam/25 min.

Bonfanti Man Packages

Man Day

1 day/€135.00

1 Body peeling with Aloe Vera

1 Decontracturising massage

1 Pedicure


Man Days

2-3 days/€203.00

1 Hay flower body peeling

1 Sport massage

1 Manicure

1 The Face Man

Bonfanti Wellness Packages

Bonfanti My Day

1 day/€150.00

1 Fruit yoghurt body peeling

1 Massage with honey oil

1 Foot reflexology


Bonfanti Relax

1-2 days/€216.00

1 Peeling with aromatic essential oils

1 Anti-stress massage

1 Foot reflexology

1 Facial massage QMS! - Man or Woman


Bonfanti Free Back

2-3 days/€257.00

1 Hay flower peeling

1 Decontructurising massage

1 Foot reflexology

1 Partial back massage

1 Facial treatment !QMS Relax or Firm Treatment (55 min.)


Bonfanti Special Woman

5 days/€337.00

1 Peeling with Aloe Vera

1 Anti-cellulite massage with honey oil

1 Lymphatic drainage

1 Coconut oil moisturising pack

1 Facial treatment !QMS Neo Tissudermie (85 min.)

1 Manicure + nail polish

In the beauty area of our SPA you can always ask for aesthetical and wellness advice. Moreover, you have the possibility to create your own personalised packages, or also a personalised package for the ones you love. A SPA voucher is always an appreciated gift for those who want to enjoy some hours of complete relax.