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Our highlight: Our snow room

The right atmosphere for your moments of relaxation

The Bonfanti Design Hotel has created a special room for you, with a winter climate similar to Nordic countries. Visit our snow room and enjoy the magic of winter while you allow your body to cool down gently and progressively with this gentle alternative to a cold reaction bath. This timeless oasis is a true panacea for balancing the heat from our sauna or steam bath and reactivating blood circulation and tissue. Thanks to the dry cold, you can switch from 90°C in the Finnish sauna to -10°C in the snow room without feeling the temperature change. The lightness of a snowflake, the purity of ice, the luxury of well-being.

A design of water and steam: our Turkish bath

Embedded in the elegance of marble, engulfed by the transience of steam, caressed by the warmth of well-being. In our Turkish bath, your hammam of absolute relaxation, the water transforms into mist and envelops you with its cloak of purity. Let yourself be pampered by the detoxifying effect of a temperature between 35°C and 50°C and a humidity between 90°C and 100°C. The steam rising from the bottom to the top fills the air with soothing essential oils. Whether fresh eucalyptus or beguiling argan oil, black soap or clay, an experience for all senses awaits you. Refresh your mind and body with fresh jets of water: You will feel like being born again!

Design & tradition: Our Finnish sauna

In our Finnish sauna tradition meets the modernity at the Bonfanti Design Hotel. Treat yourself to a regenerating 15-minute session for what is absolutely vital: your well-being. The temperature is between 80°C and 90°C, humidity below 20°C; it smells of pine and eucalyptus essences, and the air is warm and dry – a highly restorative experience. The warmth stimulates perspiration, the skin breathes and releases toxins, the body purifies, and the mind comes to rest. Alternating sauna with baths and showers in cold water doubles the beneficial effect – a centuries-old ritual for infinite relaxation.

The pleasure of a gentle sauna: our bio sauna

Enjoy the seductive scent of essential oils, dried herbs, and hay. Feel the pleasant warmth. It is time for 10 to 15 minutes of pure relaxation in our bio sauna with a maximum temperature of 40-50°C and a humidity of 60-70%. In this special sauna, inspired by the traditional hay bath, you can experience an intensive relaxation ritual, during which the blood vessels begin to dilate, the skin pores eliminate toxins, fat and excess fluid are excreted through sweat, and the mind and body recover. At the Bonfanti Design Hotel with its exclusive and stimulating atmosphere, your holiday will be marked by unique moments of regeneration.

Our infrared sauna: the key to well-being

At Hotel Bonfanti, wellness in its original and pure form becomes an all-round experience. If you are looking for a relaxing break and warmth, then our infrared sauna is just right for you. This heat bath, with a temperature of no more than 50°C, is a true elixir of well-being for your psychophysical balance: the power of infrared radiation acts only on the targeted areas, alleviating osteoarticular pain and muscle disorders, and reducing stress and fatigue. Experience the benefits of infrared radiation on your skin: design, innovation and relaxation go hand in hand.

Our Kneipp course dispels the feeling of heaviness

What is the secret to relaxing, relieving stress, improving sleep quality, and getting back in a good mood? At the Bonfanti Design Hotel, we disclose that to you on a regenerating Kneipp course: an essential wellness ritual that helps to enrich the tissue with oxygen, drain excess fluid, and reduce cellulite spots. Based on the principle of hydrotherapy, this technique consists of alternating short baths in cold and warm water – a true panacea for your blood circulation thanks to the draining power of water. At Bonfanti, the paths to relaxation are endless: start with the Kneipp course – an unparalleled step-by-step sensory experience.

Outdoor sauna baita design

It may be because the Bonfanti Design Hotel was created in complete harmony with nature, but it may also be because our luxurious services are all about your well-being. Fact is that your wellness experience unfolds naturally from the inside to the outside in our deluxe rooms. Discover our wonderful outdoor sauna and let yourself be enchanted by the soothing XXL steam jet. Immerse yourself in our baita with Finnish sauna (90°C), let yourself be enchanted by aromatic herbal scents and enjoy the wonderful panorama that reveals itself through the glass windows of our exclusive oasis. Boundless peace and relaxation await you.